Selected Publications

Research articles

Pop S, Chen C-L, Sproston CJ, Kondo S, Ramdya P, Williams DW (2019).

Patterned cell death sculpts functional and adaptive neural networks in flies.

bioRxiv. pdf.

Chen C-L*, Hermans L*, Viswanathan MC, Fortun D, Aymanns F, Unser M, Cammarato A, Dickinson MH, Ramdya P (2018).

Imaging neural activity in the ventral nerve cord of behaving adult Drosophila.

Nature Communications. pdf.

Ramdya P*, Thandiackal R*, Cherney R, Asselborn T, Benton R, Ijspeert AJ, Floreano D (2017).

Climbing favors the tripod gait over alternative faster insect gaits.

Nature Communications, 8:14494. pdf.

Maesani A*, Ramdya P*, Cruchet S, Gustafson K, Benton R & Floreano D. (2015).

Fluctuation-driven neural dynamics reproduce Drosophila locomotor patterns.

PLoS Computational Biology, 11(11):e1004577. pdf

Ramdya P, Lichocki P, Cruchet S, Frisch L, Tse W, Floreano D & Benton R. (2015).

Mechanosensory interactions drive collective behavior in Drosophila.

Nature, 519(7542):233-6. pdf

Silbering AF*, Rytz R*, Grosjean Y*, Abuin L, Ramdya P, Jefferis G & Benton R. (2011).

Complementary Function and Integrated Wiring of the Evolutionarily Distinct Drosophila Olfactory Subsystems.

Journal of Neuroscience. 31(38):13357-13375. pdf

Ramdya P & Engert F. (2008).

Emergence of binocular functional properties in a monocular neural circuit.

Nature Neuroscience. 11(9),1083-1090. pdf

Methods and tools

Günel S, Rhodin H, Morales D, Campagnolo J, Ramdya P*, Fua P* (2019).

DeepFly3D: A deep learning-based approach for 3D limb and appendage tracking in tethered, adult Drosophila.

bioRxiv: pdf

Uhlmann V*, Ramdya P*, Delgado-Gonzalo R, Benton R, Unser M (2017).

FlyLimbTracker: an active contour based approach for leg segment tracking in unmarked, freely behaving Drosophila.

PLoS One. 12(4): e0173433. bioRxiv: pdf

Ramdya P, Schaffter T, Floreano D & Benton R. (2012).

Fluorescence Behavioral imaging (FBI) tracks identity in heterogeneous groups of Drosophila.

PLoS One. 7(11):e48381. pdf

Ramdya P, Reiter B & Engert F. (2006).

Reverse correlation of rapid calcium signals in the zebrafish optic tectum in vivo.

Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 157(2):230-7. pdf

Review articles

Ramdya P, Schneider J & Levine JD. (2017).

The neurogenetics of group behavior in Drosophila melanogaster.

Journal of Experimental Biology, 220(Pt 1):35-41. pdf

Ramdya P & Benton R. (2010).

Evolving olfactory systems on the fly.

Trends in Genetics. 26(7):307-16. pdf